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Man Achieves Fame Wearing Red Underwear on Outside of Blue Leotards

Superman first flew in his red cape as a feature in several anthologies in the National Periodical Publications comic book, Action Comics #1, in June 1938. Since then, his fans rate his signature S logo as one of the most recognizable symbols on Earth.


Fort Worth, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2015 -- BearManor Media announces the release of Voices from Krypton The Unofficial Adventures of Superman on Film & In Comics by Edward Gross.

For over seventy-five years, Superman has been entertaining comic book readers, television viewers, and filmgoers around the world in a wide variety of incarnations that have touched one generation after another.

Author Edward Gross has finally captured his story in one unique volume that includes the birthright comic book maxi-series from acclaimed writer Mark Waid; the ten-year saga of the Smallville TV series that chronicled teenager Clark Kent's gradual evolution to his final destination as Superman; and Man of Steel, the feature film in which Henry Cavill defined the character for today's audience.

For anyone who has read a Superman comic, watched one of his film or TV adventures, or tied a towel around their neck and imagined what it would be like to fly, Voices From Krypton will enable them to take flight into a world of imagination like no other.

About Edward Gross
Edward Gross is a veteran entertainment journalist, who has been on the editorial staff of a wide variety of magazines, including Geek, Cinescape, SFX, Starlog, CFQ, Movie Magic, and Sci-Fi Now. He is the author of such non-fiction books as Above & Below: A 25th Anniversary Beauty and the Beast Companion, Captains' Logs: The Complete Trek Voyages, Planet of the Apes Revisited, and Superhero Confidential: Volume I.

Available exclusively from: BearManor Media in paperback $24.95.

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