High Power Energy Harvesting: Off-Grid 10W-100kW 2016-2026 - Market Analysis & Forecast Report

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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2015 -- This unique 198 page report has 152 figures and tables. It reflects the new reality that energy harvesting - creation of off-grid electricity where it is needed, using ambient energy - is now widely deployable up to 100kW and beyond. This is resulting in dramatic new capabilities such as the rapidly growing number of land, water and air vehicles that operate entirely on sunshine and electricity becoming affordable and feasible in remote parts of Africa. It will result in the electric vehicle that has longer range than the vehicles it replaces.

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It makes autonomous vehicles more feasible and shipping much more efficient. Only a global up-to-date view makes sense in this fast-moving subject embracing Google Airborne Wind Energy AWE, Facebook solar robot aircraft, Siemens small wind turbines and regenerative braking. There are already Autonomous Underwater Vehicles AUV and navigation buoys that combine solar and wave power. The multilingual PhD level IDTechEx analysts have travelled intensively in 2015 to report the latest research and expert opinions and to analyse how the markets and technologies will move over the coming decade. Many original IDTechEx tables and infographics pull together the analysis in easily understood form.

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Energy harvesting is now a booming business at the level of 10 watts to 100 kilowatts and beyond, off-grid. That includes making a vehicle, boat or plane more efficient such as energy harvesting shock absorbers and high speed flywheels, reversing alternators and motors for instance on the propeller of a boat under sail or moored in a tidestream and regeneratively soaring aircraft and braking cars and forklifts. Similar technology now harvests the energy of a swinging construction vehicle, dropping elevator and so on and soon the heat of engines will be harvested in kilowatts and off-grid wave power will become commonplace. High power energy harvesting also embraces off-grid creation of electricity that will be used generally such as that harnessing photovoltaics, small wind turbines and what enhances or replaces them such as the new Airborne Wind Energy AWE. This is underwritten by both strong demand for today's forms of high power EH and a recent flood of important new inventions that increase the power capability and versatility of many of the basic technologies of energy harvesting. It all reads onto the megatrends of this century - reducing global warming and local air, water and noise pollution, relieving poverty and conserving resources.

Table Of Content

1.1. Definition and characteristics
1.1.1. Definition
1.2. Market overview
1.2.1. Largest value market by power
1.3. Maturity of market by application
1.4. Hype curve for energy harvesting applications
1.5. EH systems
1.6. Multiple energy harvesting
1.7. Market forecast 2016-2026
1.7.1. Forecasts by technology
1.7.2. Overall market for transducers
1.7.3. Market for power conditioning
1.8. Technology timeline 2016-2025
1.9. Detailed technology sector forecasts 2015-2025
1.9.1. Electrodynamic
1.9.2. Photovoltaic
1.9.3. Thermoelectrics
1.9.4. Territorial differences
1.10. HPEH in context

2.1. HPEH Technology
2.2. Technologies compared
2.2.1. Parametric
2.2.2. System design: transducer, power conditioning, energy storage
2.3. Mature technologies
2.3.1. Wind turbines, rotary blade
2.3.2. Conventional photovoltaics

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