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IEnjoy-Shop is a one stop online destination to shop for a wide range of wall stickers and wall decals. Shoppers get to choose from more than 100 designs which are suitable for various flat surfaces.


Yichang, Hubei -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2015 -- Different homes, offices and other establishments have started sporting wall decals. It is a new trend which is growing in popularity with house owners looking to experiment in wall designs. Often bed room, drawing room and living room wall sections display wall decals and stickers. IEnjoy-Shop is an online professional seller of custom made wall decals and stickers of various themes. There are different categories available for shoppers to make an informed selection. These are easy to remove and fully compatible with flat surfaces.

Often parents like to decorate the room of their children in a certain manner. Many guardians shop for alphabet and numerical kids wall decals wall decals. It may help their kids in learning better about alphabets, numbers, measurements and words in a fun way. They are saved from the effort of opening their copies and books to learn the basics and these wall decals are more than handy. Similarly, some parents opt for motivational quotes as wall decal so that their children are motivated to do something worthwhile in their life.

IEnjoy-Shop has wall stickers available in different themes ranging from animal to tree. Those with a passion for places or interest in geography have world map vinyl wall decals. Often playschools and kids schools have their walls printed with cartoon figures. Being multicoloured, it is well attended by kids who have a curious mind already. Cities and countries wall decals also have significance for growing kids as they will have a basic idea about the exact location of countries and continents.

People who like merrymaking and thrills can shop for Halloween wall decals. It gives a unique twist to the space in terms of looks. Crows, bats, skeletons, and ghost themed wall decals are in demand among shoppers. Many people look for inspiration figures to install them in the walls of living room and bedroom. They can choose from subjects like people, their precious words and unforgettable quotes to have them on walls. Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe, Theodore Roosevelt, and many other personalities in wall decals are available for sell.

IEnjoy-Shop has a growing stock of stickers and decals for room walls. Apart from English language, shoppers can also get Germany, Islamic and Arabic writings for their walls. Modern wall decals are available in budget price and customers are welcome to comment about their purchases. They can give feedback on the wall decal items purchased. There is a refund policy for unsatisfied customers based on certain terms and conditions.

About IEnjoy-Shop
IEnjoy-Shop offers a variety of wall decals and stickers on different themes ranging from kids to language. It deals with wholesalers, retailers, retail chains, bulk purchasers and individual buyers on a regular basis. Customers can shop by themes and price from high to low as per their affordability. Visit the website for more information on the products offered.

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