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Hach Flow Represented in Florida by Avanti to Provide $1200 Trade-in Discount for the FL900 Series Flow Logger


Avon Park, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2015 -- Hach Flow as represented by the Avanti Company (a leading provider of Water Meters and Flow Meter Products), is offering a $1200 trade-in discount for the wireless FL900 Series Flow Logger by Hach, a leading meter manufacturer and longtime partner.

For each logger that is traded in, regardless of manufacturer or whether it has a modem, Hach Flow customers will receive $1,200 off the purchase of the wireless FL900 Flow Logger purchase. Such significant savings make the often difficult and expensive transition process far more palatable and cost-effective.

The generous deal comes in the face of AT&T's recent announcement that it will be shutting down service to 2G modems across the nation, which will impact wireless flow monitoring networks across the country. Utilities can now replace their inevitable obsolete loggers with the superior wireless Hach FL900 Series Flow Logger.

The innovative FL900 Logger is engineered to greatly reduce monitoring costs, increase efficiency, and provide better data around the clock with minimal disturbances. Its 3G wireless communication includes free data hosting, with the proprietary software tool, FSDATA® Online Data Manager, dramatically reducing site visits. A longer battery life ensures optimal functioning into the long-term.

Moreover, the Hach FL900 Flow Logger is designed to account for upgrades, which are usually difficult and costly to implement; upon any future changes by cellular providers, the logger's modem can be replaced with only minimal service time, rather than discarded in its entirety as is usually the case.

In short, the Hach FL900 Flow Logger is a vital investment that is now being made more accessible and affordable. Those wishing to learn more can contact Hach representative The Avanti Company at 800-284-5231 or email

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