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The New Exciting Mobile App Art Master – Learn Paintings


Kyiv, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2015 -- SoftLime has developed a new app Art Master – Learn Paintings, loaded with educational mobile quiz games about famous paintings and artists. The company aims to provide the best app for art lovers and experts. It proves a fun way of educating the art enthusiasts with exciting games, quiz, trivia and educational information related to eminent paintings and painters. Investing just 5 minutes on the app every day promises to augment the user's knowledge and impart ability to easily recognize most of the paintings, know the famous painters who painted them and around which period. The team has taken every care to select the best collections and include highest quality images available. A wide range of new collections are also being added to the app every month.

The new mobile quiz game supports iOS and Android. With the app users get to learn famous artists and paintings while playing the game. Ian Sadovyi, developer of the Art Master says, "We aim to provide the best app for art lovers and experts." He further added, "We believe that using our app for as little as 5 minutes a day will give you the ability to recognize most of the paintings easily, and also know who painted it and when."

Some of the features of the app include carefully chosen images, clean user interface, Facebook supportive and works offline. With regular updates, new collections are added every month. Over 200 masterpieces are divided into collections. The collection includes over 70 of the most famous artists from all over the world, ranging from the Renaissance to Futurism Carefully chosen images. To use the app the user needs to simply select one of the many collections available, such as 'Greatest Paintings of All Time'. The user is taken to the quiz part of the app showing a picture and title to guess the correct artist from the choice of four artist names provided and move on to the next picture after guessing the right artist.

About SoftLime
The SoftLime team comprises of a couple of indie developers. Art Master started less than a year ago when a pilot version was released on Google Play and received hundreds of users. This has propelled the company to engage bigger audience. In view of this the organization plans to expand collection to 1000 famous paintings. The new app is also updated regularly with new features, such as achievements, game points, progress statistics, Facebook friends' leader boards and others.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Ian Sadovyi
Address: Kyiv, Ukraine