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[This Independence Day] Help Mikaela Have the Life Changing Surgery She Deserves


Auburn, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2015 -- Roxanne has launched a heartfelt plea on life.indiegogo in order to raise funds for the life changing GRS that her life partner, Mikaela, so desperately needs and deserves.

Roxanne explains: "I have launched this life.indiegogo campaign for my life partner, Mikaela, whom I love dearly. We previously had a surgery date in April 2015 but due to an unexpected family crisis, we had to cancel it, literally at the last minute. Fortunately, we were able to reschedule the surgery for August 13, however, we need to pay the surgeon by July 13. Everything for the GRS is in place and ready; we just need to make the payment by the set date. I would hate to have Mikaela's surgery postponed for the second time. She desperately needs the GRS, but she feels guilty about using funds she feels should be used to cover the basic needs of our three children. And sadly GRS is not covered by health insurance."

She continued, "As a family, we'd like to see Mikaela happy, and not struggling daily, emotionally and physically, with her dysphoria. Presently, Mikaela doesn't feel comfortable in her own skin; all her life she's felt like she was in someone else's body. Without funding, I frankly worry that she will not be around much longer. It is extremely difficult seeing the person you love so unhappy; to see her look in the mirror and watch her break down sobbing. After all these years, I want to see her living life to the fullest, as herself. I want her to finally be in the body she should have been born into."

Mikaela is currently on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in preparation for her surgery. However there are health risks associated with being on HRT long-term without surgery; these include deep vein thrombosis, diabetes, liver failure, high blood pressure and an increased risk of cancer.

All the funds raised by Roxanne's life.indiegogo campaign will be used specifically for Mikaela's surgery and recovery. To contribute please visit Mikaela's GRS Fund on life.indiegogo.

About Mikaela
Mikaela and her life partner Roxanne live in Roseville, California with their three children. Roxanne has launched a life.indiegogo campaign to raise funds for Mikaela's life changing and much needed gender replacement surgery (GRS).

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Contact Person: Roxanne Hill
Contact Number: 530-210-9139
Address: 2280 Grass Valley Hwy #B408, Auburn, CA 95603
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