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Site to Help Sellers Identify Chargeback Fraud Perpetrators


Bergen County, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2015 --, a free site where online entrepreneurs can leave feedback about their experiences with eBay scammers has recently been launched. Those who have been the victims of chargeback fraud from people on eBay can now share information on specific users who utilize chargebacks as a tool to scam and defraud.

The site helps people who offer goods and services online identify those who can adversely affect their business. Individuals can search eScammers for a specific user name and a Chrome extension is available for download that will highlight the username in red if the eBay user is posted on the site.

Most customers who make online purchases contact the merchant or individual if there's a problem. Chargeback fraud occurs when someone files an illegitimate dispute with the debit or credit card company claiming the item wasn't delivered, was defective, the purchase wasn't authorized, or the transaction wasn't cancelled as requested.

Chargeback fraud is often referred to as "friendly fraud," but there's nothing friendly about it. The crime costs companies, entrepreneurs and individuals an estimated $100 billion each year. The burden of proof is always on the seller to prove the chargeback is unfounded, a virtually impossible task. Sellers may not be aware of the problem or have the opportunity to address the complaint for a month or more.

The crime is especially prevalent with online selling sites and the proliferation of ecommerce increases the risk of being the victim of chargeback fraud. The crime is appealing and extremely lucrative for the unscrupulous. They not only keep the item, they're rewarded through reimbursement while the seller accrues fees, fines and penalties. Chargebacks offer an attractive incentive for fraud that's camouflaged under the guise of fraud protection.

One thing sellers can do to help protect themselves against the crime and loss of revenue through chargeback fraud is by utilizing signature confirmation on all shipments. Keeping records of all communications and correspondence with buyers bolsters the seller's position. Merchants should track the customer's IP address and reject sales to known scammers.

While chargeback fraud can't be eliminated, eScammers provides a directory that anyone who sells online can access to learn about chargeback fraud and buyers that have perpetrated the crime on eBay. eScammers provides sellers with an additional tool to assist them in maintaining the integrity of their business, minimizing the cost of conducting commerce, and protect themselves from the unscrupulous.

For more information, the founder can be reached by phone at 917-818-2541 or by visiting eScammers online.

About eScammers
Launched in May 2015, eScammers provides merchants, entrepreneurs and individuals who sell on eBay with a single resource where they can submit the user names of those who have conducted chargeback fraud. The directory is searchable and a Chrome extension can be downloaded that will highlight the user name in red if located.