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Online Marketplace Fulfills 100's of Bucket-List Dreams


Calgary, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2015 -- Fulfilling their bucket-list dreams has become a number one priority for millions of people around the world. As the world speeds up, more people are looking to take time to slow down and have more memory filled experiences before it's too late.

While most retailers are focused on selling goods,  offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences and encourages consumers to put more life into living.

They encourage exploration, happiness, creating new memories and at the same time, offer a new and easy way to pay it forward while consumers live out their dreams.

The aim of the online marketplace is to offer experiences normally found on a bucket-list, from a round of golf at the exclusive Arnold Palmer Resort to a weekend in New York at The Plaza Hotel to attending major Award Shows like the American Music Awards, The Emmys, Kids Choice Awards too tickets to Jimmy Fallon or the Ellen DeGeneres Show and the list goes on.

The experiences are inspired by research and feedback of what people are looking for and this new approach of spending more on experiences, seems to resonate with consumers.

The Canadian based company offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences that range from staycations to luxury tented African Safari's, but it's the model that's different. All packages are partnerships with businesses, to support global businesses and so businesses in turn support more charities.

Biidly founder, Karen Willson says "people want to do more and experience more and would therefore rather spend money on creating new memories then on buying 'stuff'. We're also in a time where more people want to give back and make a difference, they just want a different way to do it, so when consumers buy an experience, they also contribute to the correlating charity. Ms. Willson continues "The question is; if you could support an animal rescue or the homeless shelter in your area, while you have a memorable experience, would you?"

The best part is; it's charities fulfilling bucket-list dreams for everyday people. Each experience is linked to a cause or a charity, so they're essentially giving people amazing experiences in exchange for support. It truly is a win-win scenario.

Anyone looking for bucket-list experiences and to give back at the same time is encouraged to explore Biidly.

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About Biidly
Biidly is an online marketplace for "bucket-list" experiences. Experiences such as Jimmy Fallon tickets, African safaris or wine tours in Australia are paired with charities to create a mutual benefit.

This collaborative approach aims to build sustainable funding channels that benefits charities and local businesses simultaneously.  When consumers buy an experience, they also contribute to the correlating charity while living out their dreams.

Rachael Roulston
Calgary, Alberta, Canada