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Biotech and Technology Mogul Tim Salaver Uses Social Media to Save Church After Theft

Tim Salaver is well known in the biotechnology and software innovation world, and he hopes to use his influence on society’s cutting edge media to help save a church in Dublin, CA after a theft cost them thousands.


Dublin, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2015 -- On the day before Independence Day, a church in Dublin, California was robbed of its fireworks and numerous other objects of value, costing them thousands and putting its future into doubt. The John Knox Presbyterian Church is the church of one Tim Salaver, a biotechnology and information systems consultant known as one of the founders of the Biotech Management Alliance, and a partner in Catena Software Solutions. Salaver promptly took to Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr to campaign on the Church's behalf and motivate the community to rally in their support.

Salaver reported the incident to his small but influential number of followers on social media, which soon became word of mouth, and individuals flocked to the church to buy the remaining fireworks or make donations as a sign of solidarity.

Thanks to the outpouring of support, the Church was able to survive the theft and continue to minister to the local community. Salaver returned to the church from a conference he was attending at Regal Hacienda Crossings Stadium to show his support, and thank those who turned out to help the church in its time of need.

A spokesperson for Tim Salaver explained, "Tim cares passionately about his local community, and his process has always been very much about mentoring and nurturing individuals within a business to create a 'village' style model. This is reflected in how he deals with his personal affairs too, and his campaign on behalf of the church is one such example. Tim is a rare breed, both incredibly knowledgeable in technology and information systems, but understanding their value not from an engineering perspective but from a human one. Tim Salaver is a people person, working to make technology work better for everyone, and utilizing the latest approaches to support causes he cares about, like the church."

About Tim Salaver
Tim Salaver is an enterprise applications strategy and technology consultant. He has held leadership positions in small- and large-sized organizations in operations, enterprise, and supply chain management. He has held management positions at Sutter Health, The Cheesecake Factory, Barton Healthcare, Innoventry, National Insurance Group, Lawson Software, and Data Design Associates.

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