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Massachusetts Portable Toilet Rentals Publishes New Side by Side Comparison of Their Product with Average Portable Potty

Massachusetts Portable Toilet Rentals has compared the features of their luxury portable toilets with the ubiquitous portable potties to demonstrate their superior feature set.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2015 -- Portable toilets have never been considered a luxury item, but a necessity. Because of this, they have been stripped down to maximize profits, using cheap and astringent chemicals, with a poor build quality and a messy interior that can be deeply unpleasant to experience. Massachusetts Portable Toilet Rentals believe in better, and has made available luxury portable toilets for use by all major events. They have posted a comparison between their basic and luxury models to help people appreciate the advantages.

Unlike a regular portable potty, their Maxim flushable portable toilet has enough space to move comfortably, mirrors and a paper towel dispenser for drying hands, a sanitary foot-operated flush to prevent coming into contact with dirty handles, an easy to use lock, a sink, and an impressive 70 gallon capacity. None of these features can be claimed by the typical portable potty. Even the chemical composition is different to ensure they smell fresh and aromatic.

For those on a budget, Massachusetts Portable Toilet Rentals can also provide the Potty 248, which is a more basic portable toilet that still has a superior set up to those people might ordinarily have encountered, but at a better price, for more information there are full FAQ's available on the site. Their products are available throughout the entirety of Massachusetts.

A spokesperson for explained, "The last thing people want at a wedding or corporate party is a smelly, damp toilet they have to queue for. That's why we have reinvented the portable toilet provisions for Massachusetts, to ensure that business and private events can have the best portable toilet experience possible, using these luxury model Maxim portable toilets. We are looking forward to providing these facilities around the state throughout the summer months, so event organizers should contact us now for a great quote."

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Massachusetts Portable Toilet Rentals has been serving the state for many years and continues to be the top rental source for all outdoor weddings, construction sites, and large events. They offer the latest portable toilet technology with feature-rich layouts designed to offer the best comfort and experience for users, as well as being able to scale their packages to any capacity.

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