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Get an Exclusive Kitchen Makeover with Houston Granite Countertops

Granite is a special and gorgeous stone which comes in a broad variety of shades and hues. It has been esteemed for centuries as a building material, due to this Houston granite countertops are a spectacular enhancement to any home, beautiful to behold, giving a touch of class and grace to any room.


Alvin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2015 -- The favourite choice these days for counter tops in high-end homes is granite because it combines exquisite beauty and durability. It is often said that only the well-off can afford such high-quality countertops. But this is money well spent because if a home has a granite countertop, the owners can be sure that it will outlast any countertop that is made of less costly and lower quality materials. Granite is a hard stone dug up deep in the earth's surface where there are tremendous heat and pressure. This is the reason why granite is very strong and durable. It is under these extreme conditions that all the attractive elements of granite are formed. Huge blocks of granite are dug up from mines and quarries and cut into slabs of different sizes and thickness's. This is a very specialized job that requires expensive tools and machinery. This is the main reason granite is more expensive.

Tips to consider before choosing Houston granite countertops

There are a lot of pointers to consider before going in for granite counter top. The overall decor of the home must be taken into account. This is important because the countertop should blend in well with the rest of the home and not create a conflict. Granite colours range from black to white and everything in between. There are also varied vein patterns in the granite slabs. When choosing granite, keep in mind the following points:

1. If a house is traditionally designed, choose granite with lighter shades and fewer vein patterns. Traditional homes convey a stable and steady image. Granite slabs with fewer vein patterns and lighter shades will blend well with this image.

2. Darker shades of granite with more vein movements can work very well with more modern homes. This type of granite is suitable to the flexible image of a modern home.

Granite is a heavy stone. The main thing to keep in mind while getting a Houston Granite Countertops is to take care of fittings. The experts at Mainland Stone works provide quality fittings by experts. However fancy the stone or the bathroom fittings are if they haven't been fixed properly they do not give a finished look. Mainland stonework offers quality finishing with proper support for granite counter tops so that they do not cause damage due to the weight.

Mainland Stone works is now happy to offer a free estimate to all homeowners interested in marble, wood or stone/granite counter tops in Houston. Give the home the look that enhances its beauty by manifolds now. Get an estimate and get going.

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