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Over 900 Years of Service Celebrated at Hytrol Conveyor in July


Jonesboro, AR -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2015 -- Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc. is proud to recognize the employees celebrating their anniversary of dedicated service to Hytrol. Employees with a July anniversary start date have more than 900 years of service.

Teressa Vinson, executive assistant at Hytrol Conveyor, shared, "I started working here right after I graduated High School. My best friend from high school was also working here and she told me about the opening. Hytrol is a great place to work. We have a lot of great benefits and the family atmosphere here is awesome. We are like a small community, here for each other through the good and bad that life throws at you. My favorite part about working here is all the people and friendships I have made over the years."

42 years
Danny Jones

38 years
Teressa Vinson

37 years
Skip Hogue
David Weiblen

36 years
Gregg Smith
Russell Timmons

33 years
David Joe Deaton

32 years
Shelia Brown

31 years
Bobby Brooks
Matt Farris
Macky Hufstedler
Joey Orsborne
Kenneth Ware

28 years
Michael Bristow

27 years
Pat Roby, Jr.

25 years
Todd Caldwell
Ernest Cornish

24 years
Ricky Tubbs

23 years
Russell Hall
Danny L. Jones
Dennis Manning

22 years
Michael Binkley
Charles Curtis
John Durham
Larry Johnson
Derek McCormick

18 years
Scott Holland
Steve Light
Randall Loggins
Seth Whitmire

17 years
James Barnett

16 years
Justin Cline
Barry Judd

10 years
Justin Curtis

7 years
Jackie Brooks

5 years
Mitch Johnson
Meghan Phillips
Linda Wooten

4 years
Chris Baney
John Dominas
Dean Foster
Timothy Groom
Josh Owens
Jeremy Wimsatt
Dale Wright

3 years
Casey Bandy
Steve Cooper
Craig Harris
Jesse Pepion

2 years
Donald Hoffman
Brandon Kidd
Andrew Prince
Jordan Ragsdale
Todd Sagley
TeWayne Smith
Christopher Vinson
Kelley Walters
Barry Whitaker
Suz Young
Derrick Brinkley

1 year
Jose Gomez
Ernest Smith
Mark Tilley
James Willbanks
Charles McClintock
Georgia Jackson
Eric Maxwell
Hoyt "Van" Chandler
Donald Hopkins
Justin Williams
Brad Davis
Zachary Haley
Freddy Hernandez
Joseph Russell
William St. Pierre
Nicholas Talley
Brian Willis

About Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc.
Hytrol designs and manufactures some of the most advanced conveyor systems in the material handling industry. More than 800 dedicated employees consider themselves a member of the Hytrol family. It is this cultural context that evaporates the notion that conveyors are a commodity. The products and services represent personal integrity and dynamic lean thinking.

The most important asset at Hytrol (http://www.hytrol.com) is its people. Hytrol provides a high quality of life for employees. Streamlining processes helps employees produce high quality products, delivered on time, at a fair price. Hytrol employees go beyond making and selling equipment. They work hard to develop a deep understanding of each customer's business in order to recommend the right solution every time.

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Hytrol Conveyor Co., Inc.
Phillip Poston
Director of Communications