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What Is Script Coverage: An Insider Look at Screenplay Coverage

Former screenplay reader Michael Rogan gives an insider look at the process of script coverage, and how it can improve the young screenwriter's abilities.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2015 -- Script coverage might be one of the most confusing aspects of the film business. (That and the films of David Lynch.) And as any would-be professional screenwriter knows, screenplay coverage is a vital next step to getting your screenplay noticed and eventually purchased for production.

But what exactly is script coverage? And how can it help a screenwriter in their quest for a full-time writing career. Michael Rogan, former screenplay reader and publisher of ScriptBully magazine, shares the ins and outs of screenplay coverage in his new column, "Script Coverage FAQ."

"Script coverage confuses writers because it means two distinct things," said Rogan. "Coverage refers to both the professional evaluation that agencies, production companies and studios do on a screenplay. But it can also be a professional service that screenwriters use to improve their craft."

The latter has become a bit of a cottage industry, with many screenwriting gurus charging up to five-thousand dollars for screenplay coverage.

"I think five-thousand dollars is what I paid for my first car," said Rogan. "I'd think long and hard before spending that much on script coverage."

Still, Rogan believes that fairly-priced coverage can be useful to the beginning screenwriter. "Sometimes the most helpful part of coverage is the synopsis. To find out what somebody else thought your story was about, versus what you thought it was about."

And when screenwriters are finally ready to throw their screenplay hat in the ring, what can they do to improve their chances at getting positive coverage of their story.

"Don't be boring. Write a script that's fun to read," said Rogan. "All the usual stuff applies. Don't write what you've already seen on late-night TV. Write something fresh and well-told."

"And, trust me, getting good coverage will be no problem at all."

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