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Digital Health Company Zigmadda Announces Launch


Baroda, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2015 -- After innovating in stealth mode since late 2014, the founders of Zigmadda have finally announced the company's launch. Zigmadda's secret mission is finally being made public today.

To solve a problem that is prevalent in contemporary healthcare, the company has announced their innovation on a clinical app which enables a rich and complete digital doctor-patient experience. The Zigmadda solution offers a simple-to-learn and easy-to-use experience for doctors, nurses, and technicians. The app will soon be launched exclusively as a pilot in a charter hospital in India.

The company has harnessed the expertise of 2 Microsoft veterans and a very senior industry leader who have come together as co-founders to create this transformational platform. Digital healthcare has made leaps and bounds since its roots in telemedicine. Telemedicine has offered patients and physicians an interaction that doesn't require travel, but digital technology innovations enable a much richer and more effective way to have such consultation experiences.

The clinical app brings together all the needed elements to work alongside medical professionals and patients. While it isn't meant to replace face-to-face exams or emergency care, the Zigmadda clinical app offers a well-rounded reinvention of the doctor-patient experience. No longer do patients have to struggle for transportation or endure uncomfortable, inconvenient trips to the doctor. Physicians and other allied health professionals no longer have to wait for a block of time to become open to bring a patient into their office. Patients and doctors can meet at mutual convenience with the all-new app and conduct effective consultations. The app is already being heralded as an easy digital solution to comprehensive health care.

The new platform lets doctors meet with patients who might not need to come into the practice or hospital. Doctors assess patients on their objective and subjective concerns before deciding if a diagnosis and treatment plan are immediately available. If not, the care provider can invite the patient to come in for a better look.

Not only is the Zigmadda clinical app highly effective, but it is also scalable, and cost-efficient. With R&D that has been ongoing since late 2014, Zigmadda's app offers a rich, adaptive, and seamless user experience. With the intelligent health cloud platform, Zigmadda expects to reach urban and rural patients, and doctors around the world. The pilot program in India will soon be underway, with further developments to be announced at that time.

About Zigmadda
Zigmadda is a digital health startup focusing on an innovative and trans-formative solution that spans clinical medicine, hardware, and the magic of software.

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