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Baking Businesses Avoid OSHA Trouble with Rigorous Training


East Granby, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2015 -- Baking businesses show an awareness of sustainable operations, continuous improvement, lean management, Six-Sigma, root cause analysis, and other methods used to prevent problems. Production, engineering, and sanitation must work together to control costs of regulations. Failures of departmental cooperation are most common when new people are not properly trained.

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Anne Giesecke for BakingBusiness.com, reported OSHA new regulations continue their stated mission to prevent accidents. In a Memorandum of Understanding inspections between the EPA and OSHA, inspectors are cross-trained and can write citations for violations of both agencies.

If a company has not understood the prevention approach, the company's economic viability is in question. Corporate plans and standard operating procedures should have moved far down the line of responsible care of food quality, environmental protection, and worker safety.

Changing the color or fruit of a frosting or filling may change the color of the waste water. If the color goes to the sewage treatment plant, the bakery may be fined for not meeting the conditions of the wastewater permit. If a new boiler is being considered, an analysis includes the need and the alternatives, the fuel that will be used, and the size. The rules for boilers can be very burdensome.

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