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CoCeCa Wordpress Plug-in Brings a Low-Cost Solution for Webmasters Trying to Create Effective CTAs


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2015 -- A smart little call-to-action or CTA plug-in from CoCeCa master plug-in platform can now help the webmasters to reap the benefits of online marketing. The plug-in, which is compatible with all the latest versions of Wordpress, was recently released and the developers indicated that there are couple of other SEO-friendly plug-ins that are yet to be released in their collections.

CoCeCa WP plug-in works like any other Wordpress plug-in, which means that the plug-in adds an extra function to the Wordpress website where it is installed. According to the owners, this one is to date the most effective Wordpress plug-in for webmasters who might have great content on their websites, but want to convert visitors into buyers. They added that the plug-in can create small slide-in call-to-actions that can effectively drive visitors to take specific actions. They added that the plug-in can be highly impactful in showing small text messages to prospective buyers.

CoCeca plug-in allows users to edit text messages, choose from 'limited' and 'unlimited' text message limit options and make their CTAs live on their websites within seconds. According to the owners, there are quite a few customization options that the webmasters can try to reap the best results.

"We were looking to build a plug-in that would actually work wonders in converting visitors to buyers. We can now safely say that the plug-in that we have developed has become a great aid in online marketing. Our plug-in is one of the few WP plug-ins that can be effectively used as conversion tools. We are looking to add more features in the plug-in so that webmasters can have more customization options. As of now, CoCeCa is compatible with all the latest versions of Wordpress. However, we would launch new versions of the plug-in once and when the CMS for which it is developed is upgraded", said Khalid Zidan, the chief developer and the owner of the firm.

About CoCeCa
CoCeCa is a Wordpress plug-in that helps web developers create call-to-action texts and slide-in banners.

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Contact name: Khalid Zidan
Company Name: CoCeCa