Persopo Launches to Offer United States' Most Comprehensive Public Records Database

Persopo is a new online resource center collating data from a huge range of public records throughout the US, to offer individuals easily accessible data services.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2015 -- Public records are legally accessible by anyone, and yet the manner in which public records are kept seems to be a deliberate attempt to obfuscate the information therein and keep it from being easily accessed. Many people wish to look at public records, but finding all the information from all the sources can take hours of frustrating searching. Persopo is a new website determined to offer a superior alternative. It has been created to provide a single, streamlined solution, to save individuals both time and money through their new, searchable online database of all public records for the entire United States.

The new database asked for a name and a city, and from that can provide information on all citizens matching that name and location, with all public records on the same individual threaded together, so people can find the right person bearing the name and see all data in one simple browse. The site is ideal for those looking for background checks, addresses, marriages and divorces, and more.

In addition to the data, the site has a dedicated team of support staff who are committed to helping people find the information they need, whether they are curious about their new neighbors, performing an online background check on a new person you meet or even looking for information on lost loved ones.

A spokesperson for Persopo explained, "We are thrilled to be able to launch our service nationwide, with the most comprehensive and easily parsed collection of data from the US archives. Big data is becoming a huge industry, but having all the information is useless if you can't organize it to be readily accessible in the way people need. That's what we've done, and our services enable people to find out everything they need to know from public records in a single enquiry, guaranteeing the best service possible to all our customers."

About Persopo
Persopo is the most comprehensive public records database in the US. Providing instant access for online background checks, marriage records, divorce records, address look up, phone number look up and much more. Persopo is a US based company that only uses US based customer service for an ideal experience for their customers.

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