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Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2015 -- A personal injury law firm in North York is proud of the clients they've helped in the North York community. Now they're happy to expand their firm by bringing people a website that will allow easy access to information about their legal team, practices, pricing, and how to get in touch with them if there is need for a legal counsel after an accident.

What The Firm Stands For

The law firm in North York understands that accidents can happen to everyone, and that legal fees aren't in the budget for most households. Unfortunately, big insurance companies will gladly spend thousands trying to keep people from getting fair compensation after an injury. Unless one takes them to court to fight for the money one deserves, one could lose out big time. People shouldn't have to accept the minuscule settlements insurance companies try to bait them with. People deserve to be fairly compensated for the loss of their health and time. This firm believes that everyone deserves great legal representation, not just the wealthy, which is why they only charge legal fees after they win winning a case.

Areas of Practice

North York's best law firm knows that personal injury comes in all shapes, sizes, and levels of severity. While some firms choose to specialize in only one practice area, this team specializes in a variety of different case types. Car and bicycle accidents are commonplace occurrences that can affect anyone. If you've suffered an injury on the road or on a bike due to another driver's neglectful actions, these lawyers can help get a fair payment from an insurance company. They're passionate about making sure insurance companies and employers give fair compensation, so they also fight for workers who got hurt on the job. This firm also covers slip and fall accidents (all too common in North York's icy winter months), animals attacks like dog bites, and wrongful death claims.

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