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AZ Industries Launches New WaterRat Magnetic Underwater Location and Retrieval System

Versatile new product will be a great help to users ranging from crime scene investigators to salvage specialists, AZ Industries reports


Highland, AR -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2015 -- AZ Industries, Inc., one of the world's leading magnetic product and industrial magnets suppliers, unveiled its brand-new WaterRatâ„¢ underwater retrieval magnet. Consisting of a rugged 40-inch stainless steel housing bar that holds powerful rare-earth magnets, the new WaterRat is the perfect solution for finding and retrieving submerged metallic objects. The WaterRat comes complete with a custom, form-fitting Pelican iM3200 storage and carrying case, and will be of great interest to police and military users, as well as anyone else with a need to locate or retrieve metal objects from bodies of water.

"We're excited to announce the launch of our new WaterRat underwater retrieval system," AZ Industries President Jim Adam said, "Designed in consultation with some of the nation's leading investigators and other experts, the WaterRat delivers much-needed functionality in a truly compelling package. Whether for retrieving evidence from a crime scene or locating a submerged vehicle, the versatile, practical WaterRat is a product that we are truly proud of."

Stronger than any other kind of permanent magnet, rare earth magnets are made from substances like neodymium, samarium, and cobalt. First used commercially starting at the end of the 1960s, magnets of this kind have become increasingly common in step with the explosive growth of the consumer electronics industry, where they play a variety of crucial roles.

Protected inside a resilient stainless steel housing in the new WaterRat underwater retrieval system, rare earth magnets pull with an impressive force on any ferrous substances nearby. Equipped with two rugged attachment points, the 40-inch WaterRat can be dragged through bodies of water behind a boat, or from the shore by an all-terrain vehicle, truck, or even by hand. The rare earth magnets inside are strong enough to retrieve metallic items like firearms and tools that the WaterRat passes over, making the new product an invaluable tool for crime scene investigators. The device can also be used to detect and precisely locate much larger, heavier objects like submerged vehicles.

A leading supplier of wholesale permanent magnets and a wide variety of magnet-focused products, AZ Industries has a long record of creating innovative, high-quality products like the WaterRat. The company's popular fodmaster debris removal system, for example, is relied upon extensively at airports and other facilities around the world, allowing for the quick, easy clearing of runways and other important features.

Since the company's beginnings in the garage of co-founders Les and Barbara Adam in 1972, AZ Industries has grown and evolved with the times consistently, continually finding new ways to shake up the industry and serve its customers better. More information about the new WaterRat magnetic underwater location and retrieval system and AZ Industries' many other best-in-class products can be found at the company's website.

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