Captain Cash Announces a New Way to Access Cash Fast

The company offers no credit check loans and one can apply without filing out a single paper, reports


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2015 -- The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, in 2005, conducted a study on cheque-cashing and payday loan services. During this study, they found men between the ages of 18 and 34 are most likely to obtain this type of loan. Individuals with a household income below $30,000 and those living in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta frequently take advantage of this service. In addition, individuals taking advantage of the service often have some post-secondary education. Any individual in need of a quick loan can turn to Captain Cash for assistance.

"Individuals of every age, every household income, every gender and more benefit from these loans. There are numerous advantages of going this route, such as the convenience of the service. One may obtain cash nights and weekends, and they can do so even if they have a low credit score, a bankruptcy in their past or other financial problems that may have the borrower turned down by traditional lenders," the staff at Captain Cash explains.

Those making use of payday loan services cite the fast service as their main reason for obtaining cash through this type of lender. Many users state the convenient hours and the fact the lenders are open weekends and evenings. Other reasons include no bank account, a convenient location and a poor credit rating. Regardless of why one needs to make use of a cheque-cashing or payday loan service, almost anyone qualifies.

"One is never asked what the cash will be used for. The borrower may use it to fix their vehicle, buy a new appliance, pay an unexpected medical bill or buy concert tickets that come up for sale unexpectedly. No one knows a person's finances better than they do, thus no payday lender needs to ask why the funds are needed," the staff at Captain Cash continues.

People turn to cheque-cashing and payday loan services at different frequencies. The study found that 48 percent use this type of service less than once a year, while 20 percent use it one or two times in a year. Ten percent state they use these lenders more than once a month. One needs to borrow responsibly, however, so they don't enter a cycle where they borrow money, pay it back and find they need to borrow again immediately.

"To claim your cash, fill out the paperless application today. Most approvals are granted within one hour and the majority of clients have the funds deposited the same day. If you find you are short on money, Captain Cash can help. All you need to do is ask," staff members at Captain Cash declare.

About Captain Cash
Captain Cash offers a quick, easy and safe solution for those in need of cash. One pays the loan back over a three month period or longer and the application is paperless. The company doesn't require a credit check, and approval typically takes one hour or less. Once a client has been approved, the cash is typically deposited in their account the same day. The payment schedule is flexible, and all fees are disclosed up front.