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Leading Marketing Experts Encourage Return to Pen and Paper


Leeds, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2015 -- At a recent conference on social media marketing in the Philippines, one company surprised everyone by calling for the return of the nostalgic pen and paper. The conference brought together leaders from around the world in all areas of media marketing and included businesses in fields as diverse as stationery, pens and other supplies. Many have lamented the decline in reading and writing in the traditional manner whilst the digital age accelerates at an ever more rapid speed. The platform where the idea was presented and its audience, appreciated the gesture.

Writing with traditional pens and paper is considered beneficial for a number of reasons including an improvement in handwriting, and reading skills. Penmanship is also considered an art by many, with some experts stating that the teaching of effective handwriting helps children connect better with the world of language. The traditional writing of letters has been largely replaced by the paperless system of computers and systems. But hard documents are just as important if not more so than digital versions, especially as can incorporate signatures and personal details in an expected format. This is why sales of envelopes continue to rise despite the digital revolution.

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Discount Envelopes are leading suppliers of envelopes for professional and personal purchase and have had a long established reputation in the field. With their zeal for providing excellent quality envelopes, they take pride in regularly commenting on industry news. A spokesperson had this to say, 'We welcome the invitation to return to pen and paper. Many people feel they have lost touch with the old ways of communicating and there is something very cold and detached about using electronic means to send letters and write to each other, particularly if it is to loved ones. The luxury of a hard copy of a letter or a card is that you can always look back on it with fondness. And like the conference said, it is always great for enhancing your reading and writing skills. There is something very sensual about paper in this sense. We invite anyone who is interested to contact us to discuss their options, as we are always enthusiastic about helping people find the right solution for them.'

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