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Poor Ventilation Linked to Cardiovascular Disease


Stockport, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2015 -- The National Institute for Health and Welfare has conducted a pan-European study which has revealed the impact of indoor allergens on life expectancy and health. The study revealing the impact of indoor pollution on health found that when indoor pollution has had a consequent health effect - 57% of the burden was related to cardiovascular disease whilst 27% was linked to lung cancer, 12% to asthma and 8% to other respiratory conditions. Indoor pollution is largely linked with poor ventilation, and circulation of air. The Institute has also suggested that an improvement in indoor ventilation in homes could reduce the impact on health by 38% a year.

The implications of this news could be huge. As most people will spend their lives inside in some capacity, whether that beat work or home, it is alarming to many that the consequences of poor ventilation could be so potentially dangerous. It could also have legal implications, as if the news becomes accepted within the mainstream; schools and offices may be required to pass certain health requirements in order to prevent excessive risk.

About Gradwood
Gradwood are one of the country's leading suppliers of commercial ventilation systems, boasting an impressive portfolio of big names. They pride themselves on their exceptional and innovative technology which combines the best in the industry with their own visionary expertise. As regular commentators on industry news, a spokesperson had this to say, 'We think it is absolutely shocking that the impact of poor ventilation could be so injurious to individuals. We always knew it was important, and our business serves to address this premise.

The numbers in the study are huge and should be taken note of as a matter of urgency. We design and install state of the art commercial ventilation systems geared to the needs and requirements of each client that approaches and stays with us. This can allow for a safer, fresher working environment. We believe this is why we have been able to have such a stable grounding in this industry.'

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