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It is proved that many are losing their lives to smoking every year. Even the smoking packets nowadays have the warning on them regarding the effects of smoking. The biggest and the deadliest disease due to the smoking is the lung cancer. Other diseases like COPD, heart and blood diseases can also be diagnosed in a smoker. Therefore to quit smoking, one should take strict measures. A cigarette devoid of carcinogens and tobacco is certainly a good option to quit smoking. Such cigarette is called e-cig. Vaping zone is a manufacturer and supplier of classy and healthy electronic cigarettes.


Columbia, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/16/2015 -- Healthy Smoking With Vaping Zone

Many people resort to rehabilitation centers to get rid of their smoking habits. But the addiction of nicotine is very hard to leave. Therefore, the persons are tempted again to smoke. Therefore, employees at Vaping zone designed an electronic cigarette. These cigarettes cater the craving of nicotine with no adverse effects. The person gets the same satisfaction as conventional cigarettes with the e-cig. The e-cig is the exact replica of the conventional cigarettes except for the following cases:

- Smoking is best characterized by a bad odor. But in the case of e-cig by vaping zone, there is no such bad odor. The main reason for the bad odor is burning of tar and other harmful chemicals. The e-cig from the vaping zone is healthy, hence devoid of such harmful substances. The other reason for no odor is that when a person is using e-cig, he is emitting the vapor that is easily diffused in the air.

- Traditional cigarettes are much costlier than e-cig. Taxes and other costs lead to the high price of the traditional cigarettes. While this is not the case for the e-cigs. The starter kits of the e-cigs may be costly initially, but the cost still remains half of the conventional cigarettes.

- Since, in the case of traditional cigarettes, the person is using a lighter to lit the cigarettes, there is a chance of fire hazard. Improper or careless use of the lighter to lit the tobacco may be a cause of the fire. Reports quote that in the USA and 7 other countries, cigarettes is the main cause of fire-related deaths. While, in e-cig from vaping zone, no such lighter is used thus e-cig is a safe option to use in comparison of traditional cigarettes.

- Another point that can be coined in the favor of the e-cig is the social impact. From ancient time, the cigarette smokers have a negative impression for the society. Smoking is also banned in certain areas like trains and theaters. While in case of e-cig no smoke is emitted, so another person may not even notice or come to know about the e-cig smoker in the vicinity.

Thus, there are many advantages that the person gets to avail with the e-cig from the vaping zone.

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Vaping Zone is an online seller of various premium brands of e-cig. The clearomizer, mods and starter kits for e-cig of superior quality are available at the vaping zone.

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