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Diet Doc Focuses on Men's Health with Diet Plans That Include Unlimited Support Throughout

Because Diet Doc recognizes that most diet plans are aimed toward helping women lose weight, they designed complete diet plans geared toward Men’s Health that includes easy access to unlimited support


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2015 -- Although weight is an issue for many men, it seems that most attention is focused upon helping women lose weight. A recent worldwide study revealed that women are 277% more likely to receive weight loss help than men. Martin Tod, CEO of Men's Health Forum, finds these figures shocking, especially since men "comprise three quarters of premature deaths from coronary heart disease and middle aged men are twice as likely as women to get diabetes". Martin also expressed his disappointment that most support groups, such as Weight Watchers, do not focus on Men's Health and are directed more toward women, with women comprising about 90% of all membership. Martin finishes by saying that "20.7 million men worldwide simply want to lose weight", but are finding it difficult to find a diet that includes support for men.

Diet Doc has developed diet plans that are not focused toward age or gender. Because they understand that each person is unique, they design their diet plans to be unique, as well. Their diet plans are all-inclusive and include initial and unlimited doctor consultation throughout, meal and snack plans that are tailored to fit each man's age, activity level, food preferences and medical conditions, weekly calls to monitor progress and prescription diet products to eliminate carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms, allowing men to focus on their goals without hunger, cravings or fatigue. Their unlimited consultation enables patients to build a bond with their weight loss team, making it easier and less embarrassing to reach out to ask questions and discuss concerns, or simply to turn to their team for support and encouragement.

And. because Diet Doc understands and respects each man's privacy, and realizes that most men tend to avoid time consuming and embarrassing face-to-face doctor and weight loss clinic visits, they partnered with Telemedicine. This innovative technology enables men in any region of the country to receive the best weight loss help without leaving the comfort of their home. By simply calling the company or visiting, patients can complete a health questionnaire, consult with a doctor, work closely with certified nutritionists, schedule weekly checkup calls and reorder their prescription diet products for direct and immediate delivery to their home or office.

Next, easy to follow meal and snack plans are designed by certified nutritionists that are specific to each man's personal needs and that keep the body operating optimally while also leaving them feeling full and satisfied. And, because Diet Doc understands that dieting headaches, between meal hunger, food cravings and fatigue can get in the way of weight loss goals, they include their pure prescription hormone diet treatments, powerful fat burners, exclusive diet pills and appetite suppressants that work flawlessly with the meal plans to turn the body into a fat burning machine, while eliminating side effects and allowing men to safely, quickly and comfortably lose excess fat, enjoy a more active lifestyle and reduce their risk for weight-related health problems.

Diet Doc has become a trusted and reliable leader in the weight loss industry by delivering safe, consistent and effective diet plans to people throughout the country. They invite those of all ages, genders, shapes and sizes to call today to begin the journey toward improved health and a reduced risk for weight-related health conditions through safe, comfortable and fast weight loss.

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