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Joe Olujic Announces Release of New Guidelines for Aspiring Gaming Industry Professionals


Fresno, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2015 -- As a longtime veteran of the gaming industry, Joe Olujic has had a unique professional career that has seen him work in a variety of leadership capacities. Named one of Global Gaming Business Magazine's People to Watch in 2014, Mr. Olujic has a deep understanding of every aspect of the industry and has announced the release of a new set of guidelines for aspiring gaming professionals to use as they attempt to enter the industry.

Over his many years in gaming, Mr. Olujic has seen professionals enjoy success by utilizing a variety of strategies and has identified what he believes are the key elements a professional must possess if they wish to get into the gaming industry. These elements are all now clearly elucidated in Mr. Olujic's release of professional guidelines for beginning a career in the gaming industry.

"I am excited to release these new professional guidelines, as the gaming industry is unique when compared to some of the other, more traditional professional industries," says Olujic. "That does not mean, however, that a strong educational background in business administration is not valuable. It is my belief that there must be a balance in which key business concepts are as deeply understood as the qualities that are unique to the gaming industry."

In order to gain this understanding, Olujic notes that knowledge of the gaming industry is learned best through firsthand experience. A candidate that can boast relevant business experience in the industry along with an education in business administration is very likely to be able to get into the industry with the proper amount of effort. While Olujic sees this as an easy method for identifying a candidate for an executive position in the gaming industry, he also believes that there are other paths to success in gaming as well.

"There is absolutely nothing wrong with developing an understanding of the gaming industry by working in entry level positions with the goal of ascending the professional ranks," says Olujic. "I know of many successful gaming professionals who began in these sorts of positions while they were still in their undergraduate programs, and they often credit the firsthand industry experience as essential to their professional success."

About Joe Olujic
Joe Olujic, recently named one of Global Gaming Business Magazine's People to Watch, has served in a variety of executive-level positions throughout his long career in the gaming industry. Olujic's areas of expertise include finance, operations and human resources, and his professional experience in the gaming industry has seen him occupy leadership roles that reflect these varied areas of expertise.