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Joe Olujic Announces Release of Follow-Up to Recent Ideamensch Interview


Fresno, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2015 -- Joe Olujic, a gaming industry veteran who is known for his candor and his willingness to discuss just about any subject relating to his professional career, recently gave an expansive interview with Ideamensch that nonetheless left several questions unanswered. In responding to the interviewer's questions, it seems that Mr. Olujic's humility kept him from going into great detail regarding his professional success, so he has announced the release of a follow-up interview for the sake of clarification.

Olujic's peers and colleagues have long known that he is always quick to share praise while taking sole responsibility for criticism. While these traits have endeared Olujic to those who work with him, it is these same traits that left a number of questions unanswered in the interview. In the follow-up interview that is now being released, Mr. Olujic again extended personal praise to all of those involved in his professional efforts and successes.

"I think it is important to recognize that no success is achieved alone," says Olujic. "Every success I have ever enjoyed as a professional has been the result of collaborative efforts in which many people made great contributions. To say that I have accomplished something without mentioning the hard work of all those involved would simply be unfair."

In the follow-up interview, Olujic explains how he applies some of his unique but overwhelmingly effective practices in a professional setting. Olujic notes in the new interview that he wishes he could elaborate on how he prepares for all of the varied circumstances and situations he encounters on a daily basis, but that he understands effective preparation ought to be very different from one person to the next.

"I have a fairly strict practice I use in preparing for each day, but the way I prepare is not exactly ideal for everyone else," says Olujic. "It is important that professionals understand the value of thorough preparation and adopt a set of strategies that works best for them."

The key point that Olujic emphasized in discussing the aspects of the interview that seemed to need additional clarification is that the principles themselves are sound. It is just a matter of adapting the principles to suit the individual needs of the professional who ultimately utilizes them.

About Joe Olujic
Joe Olujic is a gaming industry professional possessing years of experience serving in executive-level leadership positions. Mr. Olujic has occupied leadership roles in which he was responsible for overseeing operations and finance, though his professional expertise could be best described as expansive.