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The Straight Scoop on Screenwriting Competitions: Which Screenwriting Competitions Should Screenwriters Enter

In his new column on ScriptBully Magazine, former screenplay reader Michael Rogan shares tips on the best screenwriting competitions for screenwriters hoping to break into the business.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2015 -- Screenwriting competitions can be a fantastic way for would-be professional screenwriters to assess their skill level and possibly get their screenplay noticed by a film business insider. Unfortunately script competitions can also be a wonderful way for screenwriters to waste their money on a contest which may, or may not, even get read.

In his new column, "7 Screenwriting Competitions That Don't Suck," Michael Rogan, editor of ScriptBully Magazine shares his recommendations for script contests that are actually worth the price of entry.

"There are some great screenwriting competitions out there. There are also some great wastes of time," said Rogan. "I wrote the column to help point newbie screenwriters in the right direction - and away from the wrong direction."

Though Rogan doesn't content his column is the end-all, be-all on screenplay competitions - "I'm sure there are tons of screenplay contests out there I've never heard of that are fantastic" - but he does hope it can give screenwriters a list of highly-reputable contests they should definitely put on their to-do list.

"Whether it's the Nicholl Fellowship - and its lucrative year-long prize - or the Slamdance Screenplay Contest and its counter-culture attitude - there is a screenwriting competition out there for everybody," said Rogan.

The one thing Rogan does stand firm on is the fact that screenwriters should spend their last dime on a screenwriting competition.

"Prize money ain't the reason to enter a script competition," said Rogan. "It's the chance of exposure and the feeling of geting that much close to the film business."

"It's like Las Vegas, only bet if you can afford to lose."

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