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Screenwriting Agents 101: How to Find Screenwriting Agents

In his new column, Michael Rogan, of ScriptBully magazine, tackles that most debated film industry topic: screenwriting agents.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2015 -- Screenwriting agents are like the "Bigfoot" of screenwriting. (Hard to find, and everybody is looking for one.) But in his new column, "The Truth Behind Screenwriting Agents," Michael Rogan of ScriptBully shares the inside scoop on agents for screenwriters.

"Most screenwriters I work with obsess about getting an agent," said Rogan. "But the truth is that screenwriting agents are some of the worst people in the film business for screenwriters to approach."

That's because, according to Rogan, a screenwriting agent is most likely spending most of their free time on their existing clients. ("Newbie writers are more of a nuisance to these guys.")

But that doesn't mean every type of agent should be off-limits to screenwriters. "Agents of actors and directors are a great way to break into this long as you can make their client look good."

So, does this mean screenwriters don't need agents? "Absolutely not! It's just that screenplay agents are like a zen koan - you won't see 'em till you don't need 'em."

"And then they come out from the Hollywood woodwork. And you'll be a nuisance no longer!"

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