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New Arthritis Breakthrough: Virtual Water Therapy

People afflicted with arthritis will be happy to learn about the new and improved DVD that reveals the right exercises they should be doing for rapid relief from joint pain.


Ormond Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2015 -- This DVD is the work of Suzanne Andrews – a noted physical rehab expert with a popular show on Public Television, "FUNctional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews." Providing a holistic series of virtual physical therapy water exercises to diminish joint pain is the new and improved Arthritis Water Therapy 3 disc set and the first water resistant booklet to illustrate physical therapy movements.

And who better than a Certified Rehab Specialist to show you how to do each exercise the RIGHT way?!?

Suzanne's expertise in Physical Therapy and Rehab comes through as she reveals techniques that you'd normally pay $280 an hour or over $400.00 a month in co-pays (if you went to a physical therapist).

Suzanne Andrews researches extensively to insure all exercises are evidenced based and safe for specific conditions. Besides researching medical journals and instructing exercises that demonstrated the best results with her own arthritic patients in rehab, Andrews interviews a host of top doctors to design fitness DVDs for specific health needs with evidenced based exercises.

What Does Evidenced Based Mean?

We asked Andrews that question and she stated, "As a rehabilitation clinician, I am required to teach evidenced based (medically proven) exercises that get the fastest results in the shortest time for specific health conditions. Simply put, insurance pays only when a client makes progress with their rehab and it's up to me, the therapist, to be aware of any contraindications (unsafe) for that specific condition and exactly what exercises to prescribe for a variety of health conditions. It's like to going to your general practitioner and she/he knows what pills to prescribe for a variety of conditions."

Where Can I Get The Water Resistant Book and 3 Disc Set?

Although the arthritis water therapy 3 disc set can be purchased at all major retailers online including Amazon, Walmart and Collage Video, the water resistant booklet can only be purchased through the producer's website at The booklet was originally produced as a Public Television pledge gift and was too big to fit into the DVD case. Suzanne Andrews stated, "I created it that way so it wouldn't be too small. If I had made it smaller with more pages, it would have cost the consumer much more to purchase since I used the best quality laminate. Laminate is very expensive and that's why you don't see water proof books. This is the first water resistant water exercise book on the market and the only one that demonstrates medically proven pain relief movements."

Arthtitis Water Therapy 3 disc set with the water resistant booklet can be purchased for only $39.99 at

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