Onlinemallnetwork Revamps Its Online Collection


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2015 -- E-Commerce stores keep reinventing themselves to appeal to an ever changing customer base. New technologies make the shopping experience more convenient, and quicker check out techniques on the shopping cart keep reducing the time taken to complete the transaction with each update.

But the biggest change an e-commerce store does to retain their customer base is to revamp its online collection. Recently, has taken that route, but with a small difference. According to their marketing team, the site has decided to do away with standard sourcing of products and has reached out to unique manufacturers from all over the world to directly ship their products to the company warehouse. By eliminating middlemen, the company aims to reduce the cost and pass on better benefits to its customers. Also, according to their research team, there are several top notch products – especially in the apparel and accessory sections – that do not have brand representation but are much better in quality when compared to market leaders from branded firms. The mall network hopes to bridge that gap and bring those products closer to its consumer base.

E-Commerce has fundamentally altered the way we shop. Whether it is groceries for daily consumption or large electronics or furniture for a new home, most computer savvy people head online at least for the sake of comparison, and many execute their transaction online itself. Apparel, accessories, toys, small electronics, computers and parts, fashion items,smaller appliances, and furnishings have gone online by a great percentage already. While most people head online for the excellent prices that online stores offer, many prefer the e-variant for the convenience and door delivery options. Statistics show that high ticket items are forming a greater part of sales for established e-commerce stores, indicating that people are moving even their larger purchases online. Just a matter of time before all of our shopping can be done online – from buying a new home to a car to the smallest product for our houses.

Another factor that is driving more people online is that of brands which are no longer available in stores. The trend has been created by mobile phone companies to bring down their costs. Several other niches are stepping in to that exciting new space, and OnlineMallNetwork appears to be paving the way by reaching out to small manufacturers directly.

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