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Silicon Valley, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2015 -- Gaming has made incredible technological leaps over the last decade. The technology used in producing games is beyond cutting edge! Voice actors from Hollywood are being used to provide their voice to in-game characters. Popular actors are being asked to perform the stunts which are being superimposed on the game characters! Millions of dollars are being spent by large gaming companies each year to develop even more advanced games, and buyers are responding in kind. There has been unprecedented growth in the sales of games and gaming devices, and each version of a gaming system is coming out with more power to render the advanced graphics and gameplay capabilities of the games in development.

Taking this into consideration, a consortium of avid gamers have developed a portal to sell the very best in games and gaming devices. According to their Head of Marketing, there is a vacuum in the market for high end sites dedicated to gaming. Apart from the review sites and the general sales sites which also sell game merchandise and DVDs, there isn't any option available to aficionados. He says serious gamers prefer a site that pre-qualifies games and devices based on their capabilities, rather than search through all the thousands of titles that are released each year. More than the games, the game systems are in demand as more families are joining the gaming bandwagon.

There is truth in what the folks behind the new site say. More and more families are choosing to buy gaming devices that allow them to spend quality time together. In today's rushed schedules, spending time together is a miracle; and games are getting families to do that. Accessories for gaming devices are a whole new industry, and there are special game titles available which promote fitness, dance, music, and several other hobbies.

Integrating these hobbies with games has made people pursue them as a family and spend quality time together while getting fitter and better at their hobbies. Various devices have various kinds of capabilities. Some are wireless, some are wired. Some support 3-D and some go into virtual reality. Game makers are rising to the challenge and developing more and more complex games to suit these trends.

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