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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/20/2015 -- The online market for clothing and accessories is worth over $200 Billion according to last year's numbers! In the USA, clothing is the single largest e-commerce driver, followed by electronics. We have taken to buying online much like a fish takes to water! Recognizing this acceptance, hundreds of stores are opening online each month, and thousands of affiliates are promoting products of established e-commerce vendors. The market growth is showing no signs of fatigue, and it is safe to say that we will reach much higher turnovers in the coming years!

While shopping for apparel is relatively straight forward, shopping for accessories is a much difficult task. Finding accessories which go along with certain fashion trends is difficult, and most often, the product we see on our screen isn't what comes home after we order. A team of fashionistas have come together to counter this, and have started a new site called ORRMarketstore.com. Announcing the launch of their new store, they convened a Press Conference in which they shared the philosophy the site follows while ordering products for their warehouse. They only work with established manufacturers who follow a strict quality policy, and the accessories they stock come in the widest range available anywhere in the market today. But what sets this site apart from the others is the fact that they have spent hundreds of hours cataloguing the accessories according to all the different niches they correspond to, and have loaded in these categories into their site's search filters. That makes it easy for the shopper, as they can filter properly from among the thousands of products which respond to each search parameter they enter while shopping on the site.

The accessory market is witnessing unprecedented growth – especially in the millennials segment. Youngsters are using accessories to express themselves, and accessorizing right is helping them save on apparel purchase costs! The same set of clothes can be used differently while accessorized with different sets of products, and youngsters of today have mastered this art.

It is quite common to see college going folks spend upwards of $100 on each transaction online, and over 22% of people admit to visiting online shopping sites to check out daily deals! The next time you're shopping online, check out http://www.orrmarketstore.com and experience their customized search engine for accessories.

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