Philadelphia Agency Helps Online Brands Get Personal (And Grow Aggressively)


Warrington, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/20/2015 -- In the growing world of online retail, successful businesses know that "meCommerce" is key. What is meCommerce? It refers to the practice of adapting an online brand to the needs of a customer base that has become used to the democratization of eCommerce platforms. Lower business startup costs and the widespread availability of simple-to-use eCommerce platforms like Shopify have resulted in a booming proliferation of online vendors and their products.

Customers now have more power than ever in terms of their ability to research products and brands that deliver the exact results and service experience that they want. This means that customers now expect a formerly unprecedented degree of hyper-personalization from online brands, which must learn to understand not only their customers base's practical needs, but the ideas and values that they want their purchases to reflect.

According to Entrepreneur magazine, 8% of all retail sales now come from eCommerce platforms. The trend shows no sign of slowing down, which means that growing online brands need to develop a successful meCommerce strategy immediately. Liftory, an eCommerce agency based in Philadelphia, can help. The team of digital strategists at Liftory has already helped numerous up-and-coming online brands find tremendous success through customer-centric marketing models that hone in on the niche demographics where brands will find the most success.

Founded by Matt Freedman, author of "meCommerce", Liftory partners with digital retail platforms to gather data on its clients' potential customers. Customer analytics are essential to the meCommerce strategy, and most online retailers do not have the resources at their disposal to do all the work themselves. Enlisting the help of a digital strategist like Liftory can have tremendous payoff: according to McKinsey & Company, the kind of personalization that results from investing in customer data research can boost overall sales by 10%.

Once retailers understand their customers' beliefs, needs and habits, they can work with the Liftory team to develop a meaningful brand narrative in the form of powerful content and engaging social media. A narrative that speaks to customers' tastes and lifestyles is one of the strongest ways for online retailers to lasting, profitable relationships with consumers who are hungry for personalization.

To learn more about how Liftory helps brands stand out in a sea of online retailers, visit their website or contact them at 855-LIFTORY.

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The team of marketing executives, digital marketing managers, business analysts and creative editors at Liftory works with eCommerce and technology companies to accelerate their growth. As a digital management consulting firm focused on growing each brand's image and increasing revenue, Liftory uses every strategy available to implement personalized marketing and growth plans. They focus on brand marketing, digital marketing, customer centricity modeling and conversion optimization so that each brand's online presence is designed to beat the competition in every facet of digital commerce.

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