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Writing Scripts 101: The Art of Writing Scripts with a Captivating Hero

In his new column, Michael Rogan of ScriptBully magazine shares strategies for writing scripts with heroes (and heroines) that captivate readers...and help get your screenplay sold.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/20/2015 -- Writing scripts is about more than just crafting clever dialogue and making sure the margins are correct. Many times it's about finding a compelling, unique - and sometimes flawed - main character who the reader (and audience) can connect with.

In his new column, "Writing Scripts With Heroes (and Heroines) That Don't Suck)," Michael Rogan of ScriptBully magazine shares some strategies screenwriters can use to ensure their screenplays have a protagonist that's interesting enough for strangers to care about for two hours.

"When I was a script reader, I would read tons of screenplays that had every element nailed except for one...a great hero," said Rogan. "I wrote the column to help screenwriters avoid penning passive, uninteresting, and unmotivated characters."

Rogan learned first-hand the importance of writing scripts with engaging heroes. ("I was told more than once, in the scripts I wrote, my main characters oryally sucked.")

That was until he figured out a story isn't just "things that happen." They are a "reflection" of the inner turmoil the main character is going through.

"Every ounce of conflict, effort and energy in a story should be focused around the main character," said Rogan. "Once you find a main character worthy of your story, then you create a fabulous journey around them."

And then, according to Rogan, you don't write the story - the story writes you.

"It's hard work at first," said Rogan. "But once you nail down the character the story starts to write itself...and that's the best feeling of all."

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