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Amazon Self Publishing Made Easy : The Keys to Amazon Self Publishing Success

In his new column, Michael Rogan of Self Pub Nation walks authors through the ins and outs of Amazon self publishing.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/20/2015 -- Amazon self publishing, with its Kindle distribution platform, has drastically changed the digital media landscape. (Not to mention given independent authors around the world a chance at a full-time writing career.)

And though the Amazon self publishing process is relatively easy to master - once you've done it a few times - first-time users of the system can be overwhelmed by the numerous choices. (What type of category should they choose? What tags should they designate for their book? How do they make sure their manuscript if formatted properly?)

In his new column, "The Ultimate Amazon Self Publishing Checklist," Michael Rogan of Self Pub Nation attempts to demystify the process and give authors a clear, and easy-to-follow, road map for mastering the Kindle publishing path.

"Getting your book uploaded to the Amazon self publishing system is pretty easy," said Rogan. "But getting your book found, once you publish it, can be a challenge."

"I created the checklist to give authors the chance to ensure all their self-publishing ducks are in a row...before hitting 'upload.'"

Some of the tips are simply areas that many authors overlook when uploading - "Write as long a description as you can. It makes a difference!" - while some are borne out of his experience of publishing over 40 books - "Paying attention to your foreign currency prices can impact your bottom line."

But all in all, Rogan hopes to impart to writers jumping into Amazon kindle publishing that in a digital world nothing is set in stone.

"It's okay to publish and then go back and tweak later on," said Rogan. "Perfection is not only the enemy of excellence, it can also keep you from selling a ton of books."

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