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Top 7 Writing Tools : Best Writing Tools Every Author Should Have

In a new column, Michael Rogan of Self Pub Nation shares his favorite writing tools that authors can use to stay productive, motivated, and constantly producing those all-important pages.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/20/2015 -- It's official: writing tools have gone high-tech! From smartphone apps to tablet software - to cross-platform products - writers have never had such a large array of writing tools to choose from.

But which writing tools are best? How do you know which writing tools and software is worth the investment - and which are better left to the scrap heap of apps gone past?

In his new column, "7 (Mostly-Free) Writing Tools Every Writer Should Use (But Probably Doesn't)," Michael Rogan of Self Pub Nation shares his seven favorite writing go-to resources to help him stay productive, motivated and constantly churning out stuff that makes him money.

"There are so many good writing tools out there, and most of them are free," said Rogan. "The key is find something that will enhance your own creative workflow - and not add to your to-do list."

The list of his favorite writing tools range the gamut of productivity tools, such as Evernote and Pomodor Timers, to research tools, such as PostSecret and Google Alerts.

But perhaps his favorite tool is the one that lets him write "anywhere." "I love Google Voice because it lets me call myself, and write while I'm in the car."

"Great for my productivity, horrible for my procrastination excuses."

Still, Rogan admits the writing tools will only take you so far. "At some point, you just have to start writing. No tool in the world will get your hand moving on its own."

But if that tool does come around, Rogan will no doubt add it to his list.

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