Valerix Oil And Gas,

Valerix Oil and Gas to Open New Office in Houston, Texas

Aims to serve clients based in Gulf of Mexico and Latin America


Cheyenne, WY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/20/2015 -- Valerix Oil And Gas, which has become a noteworthy player in the industry in just about four years since its inception, is expanding further with its new office to be set up in Houston, Texas.

The company, which is a division of 3GV Ventures LLC has earned its stripes in the oil and gas service industry on the back of quality services it offers its clients. It has a team of established and dedicated professionals who ensure that the company keeps up with its mission for further growth in the industry. And integral to those plans is the focus on the US and Latin America market.

In fact, Valerix Oil And Gas started an aggressive expansion program in 2015. Several new products and services have been added to the list of bouquet of offerings from the company. Moreover it has also shown the intent of moving out of its home base in Wyoming, and to the other parts of the country. The soon to opened office in Houston, Texas is a step in the same direction.

Talking about the latest expansion plans and the new office, Mr. Rainer Lorenzo, CEO, Valerix Oil And Gas said, "We believe this is the year for us to build on the platform we have and move into new territories. We understand and realize the importance of the city of Houston as a National and International center for the oil and gas industry." Of course it would let the company offer services and reach out to new clients in Gulf of Mexico and Latin America regions.

Some of the noted services offered by the company include front end engineering, facility engineering and project management. The company also tries to help its clients cut costs associated with material corrosion and offers solutions to prepare wellbore to receive cement. Thus with its wide array of services Valerix Oil And Gas strives to offer its clients exactly what they want.

About Valerix Oil And Gas
A division of 3GV Ventures LLC, it is a private company that was set up in Wyoming in 2011. Since then in a short span of time it has become a known name in the oil and gas service industry.

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