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Debs Jewelry Shop Owner Deb Parkin Becomes First Winner to Dine with Paparazzi Elite

Debs Jewelry Shop owner Deb Parkin won the first competition for Paparazzi jewelry producers based on the number of new consultants signed up, dining with the Executive Producers in Las Vegas.


Kaysville, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2015 -- Many stay at home mom's dream of an independent financial income to help support their families, but finding an outlet for their entrepreneurial spirit that comes with a support network can prove difficult. Paparazzi Jewelry was created to help people in just that situation, and Deb Parkin is the classic example of someone who joined the jewelry business and went from strength to strength. Her latest victory has been to dine with the Paparazzi Elite at an exclusive dinner on the Las Vegas Strip during one of their major conventions.

The honor is awarded to those producers who manage to sign up the most new consultants with a starter kit of one hundred and fifty pieces. Deb is a strong advocate of the system after gaining her own financial independence through selling Paparazzi's affordable jewelry, and has already won numerous accolades for her work in spreading their message.

The dinner was attended by Executive Producers and founders of the Paparazzi program, and Deb spoke personally with founder Misty Kirby, getting valuable advice on how to continue to grow her operation, and learn more about how to elevate herself to executive producer in the near future.

A spokesperson for Debs Jewelry Shop explained "Deb has been working hard not only on making her own business successful but on supporting and nurturing those who she has brought into the program, giving them the benefit of her own wisdom and advice, which now comes with expert backing from the founder of Paparazzi jewelry herself. It has never been easier to start an independent business with a strong support network, and we encourage individuals to sign up to become a consultant through Deb to receive expert mentoring and really hit the ground running. This latest win was a real honor for Deb, and we know she is looking forward to the next dinner."

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Debs Jewelry Shop is an independent jewelry consultant website for self made business woman Deb Parkin. Deb is a Paprazzi Producer and has helped over 1,200 people on the path to owning an independent jewelry business of their own, and helps nurture those individuals to attaining financial independence through their business success.

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