Minimally Invasive Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment Shows Favorable Results for Chronic Back Pain Sufferers

Spine surgery has the capacity to fix spine deformity, reduce back pain and improve the quality of life. It has managed to transform the life of many patients suffering from scoliosis, spine tumors, and spinal stenosis. Stem cell transplant has become a viable treatment option and plays a crucial role in repairing and replenishing cells for a variety of spine conditions.


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2015 -- Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment Using Stem Cells

Stem cells are being used by medical professionals for successful treatment of physical ailments and chronic injuries. It facilitates complete recovery and gives lasting relief from back pain when paired with the knowledge and experience of a trained spine surgeon. Stem cells have a unique capacity to regenerate new disc cells and repair the damage done to the disc. Stem cells can increase disc height and restore the structure and functioning of the spine. This minimally invasive procedure involves much smaller incisions and there is minimal blood loss during the surgery. It does not leave behind any major scars and the recovery rate is much faster as compared to conventional spine surgeries. It is a quick procedure that yields positive results for patients suffering from degenerative disc disease and has proven effectiveness in healing chronic spinal conditions at every age.

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An early diagnosis and timely intervention have the potential to repair disc damage on time and prevent further progression of the deformity. Physical therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs, and steroid injections are a few non-invasive treatments that can improve many severe spine symptoms if initiated on time. It is only when these non-surgical treatments fail to yield positive results that doctors resort to surgical procedures. ProMedSpine is a fully equipped surgical facility where board certified surgeons offer safe and effective degenerative disc disease treatments. At ProMedSpine patients are treated using the most sophisticated technology and advanced treatment approaches. Dr. Todd Gravori is highly experienced in performing disc replacement surgery, spinal fusion, and percutaneous discectomy. Come to ProMedSpine and receive comprehensive care from the most renowned neurosurgeon of Los Angeles.

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