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Free Flow, Inc. Keeps Montgomery County Roads Clear with Storm Drain Cleaning


Warrington, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2015 -- Occasionally, roads in Montgomery County, PA, experience moderate to severe flooding during storms. One of the most common causes of flooded roads in this area is a lack of adequately functioning storm drains, which are designed to channel excess precipitation away from the surface level and into natural bodies of water. Blocked storm drains do not remove sufficient water from the road, allowing it to flood. Municipalities in need of storm drain cleaning in Montgomery County can benefit from services from Free Flow, Inc., a local pipe maintenance contracting company.

Free Flow, Inc. has years of experience in cleaning storm drains, pipes and sewers. Their expert technicians are trained in the most current techniques for efficiently clearing out storm drains, including cabling, root cutting, water jetting, TV inspection and smoke testing. During the storm drain cleaning process, their technicians will diagnose the cause of blockage and determine the correct cleaning method. After a cleaning from Free Flow, Inc., even the most severely blocked storm drains will be completely cleared and once more able to carry large volumes of water away from roads.

Regular storm drain cleaning also keeps drains clear of debris and contaminants. This is an important process because, unlike sewage water, storm drain water is not cleaned or processed in any way. It enters natural bodies of water like lakes, rivers and streams as-is. Without regular storm drain cleaning, chemicals and debris can contaminate natural water supplies and cause health hazards and environmental problems.

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About Free Flow, Inc.
For 25 years, founder Mike Tashjian and the rest of the Free Flow, Inc. pipe maintenance team have used state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to restore sewers and drains to their original function. As independent contractors, Free Flow, Inc. has the ability to perform pipe clearances quickly and efficiently, and consistently trains their team of pipe specialists in order to provide the best solutions possible at a competitive rate. Their services include door removal, root cutting and high pressure water jetting.

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