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Tri Glass, Inc. Offers Windshield Repair Kits That Contain Everything Needed to Conduct a Repair


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2015 -- Learning how to conduct a successful windshield repair is an easy process that takes just a bit of practice. Auto shops and distributors in need of high-quality windshield repair equipment can obtain everything they need for the task with a windshield repair kit. The premier windshield repair products company, Tri Glass, Inc., is pleased to announce that they offer windshield crack repair kits that consist of all the materials and tools required to perform a vehicle glass mend. The kits come in two different sizes to provide an option of quantity and can be ordered online from the company website.

The windshield repair kits are highly beneficial for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business, auto shops who provide windshield repair as a service and distributors that supply it to consumers. Rather than having to purchase all of the windshield repair tools separately, the windshield repair kits offer an all-in-one package for the items needed. Tri Glass, Inc. sells the small size kit at 21% off, for $375, and the larger kit at 15% off, for $575. Some of the windshield repair equipment in the kits include battery-powered UV lamps, resin, pit sealer, Tri Glass Bridge, O-Rings, mirrors, an apron and more.

Aside from the windshield repair kits, the company also retails the tools and parts separately. Recently, Tri Glass, Inc. has added two different carbide drill bits to their products inventory. The Long Flat Tip Carbide Drill Bit and the Long Pointed Tip Carbide Drill Bit are both 1¾ inches in length and are available on the website to be ordered in large quantity.

To buy the windshield repair kit products available at Tri Glass, Inc., please visit their website or call 1-800-419-8601.

About Tri Glass, Inc.
Tri Glass, Inc. is a global supplier of quality windshield repair products. The company specializes in the distribution of top-notch windshield repair tools and kits to auto shops across the country and abroad. Some of their products include UV lamps, Tri Glass Bridges, injectors, resin, tools and kits. The business is located in Jacksonville, FL, and accepts orders through email correspondence or by phone. Their delivery services are fast and reliable when it comes to shipping their products.

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