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Marriage Visa Services by Express Passport. To successfully adjust status after marrying on a travel visa, the foreign spouse must show that they had originally intended to return home, and the thought of staying in the U.S. was not planned.


Boca Raton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2010 -- Many people have the dream of coming to the U.S., starting a new career, establishing a new life, getting married, and becoming successful. There are several steps to take before all that happens. Others enter the country on a travel visa on the thought on getting married. Will that work for them? Is it illegal?

If you're thinking of getting married in the United States while on a travel visa, here is what you should think about:

1. Traveling again will take a while. Planning a honeymoon out of the U.S. and going to a beautiful Caribbean island can be forgotten. If you choose to stay in the country and change your status, the foreign spouse will not be able to leave the U.S. until they apply for a green card and receive it. If the foreign spouse leaves the country before securing one of these two documents, they would not be allowed to re-enter. You and your spouse would have to start the immigration process from scratch by asking for a spouse visa while the foreign spouse remains in his or her own country.

2. Re-entering is a challenge. When the foreigner arrives, they will be asked why they are traveling. You should always be upfront and honest with border protection officials.

3. If you are planning to return to your home country, it is ok to get married in the U.S. The problem comes around when you do plan on staying in the U.S. You can get married and go back home before your visa expires, but you'll need very good evidence proving that you ARE planning on going back home.

4. Will you be ok with leaving all your personal belongings back home? If you do get in the U.S. and getting married is successful, you should be prepared to not be able to get your personal belongings back home, because you will not be able to leave the U.S. until your green card is received.

5. If you choose to stay in the country after the wedding, what will happen if you are denied? Reasons for denial: a person's health, criminal history, previous bans or just a lack of required evidence. The possibility of being denied is very real, so you should both be prepared.

Always prepare yourself to gather many things they will ask of you. It is all done for security purposes and for your own safety. That’s why Express Passport is here. Their main aim is to help and serve you with any Passport and Visa needs you may have.

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