Wine Consumption to Double by 2012 in India


Noida, UP -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2010 -- As per our study “Indian Wine Industry Forecast to 2012”, low wine consumption translates India into a highly lucrative market for wine sales in coming few years. Besides low consumption levels, factors such as changing consumer trends and preferences, growing westernized corporate culture, and many others have been continuously driving wine sales in the country. We have found that many international players have entered into the Indian wine market during the past few years and many are evaluating the option to do so.

All these developments indicate positive market outlook for the Indian wine market during the next few years. Our study anticipates the Indian wine market consumption to reach around 3 Million 9-Liter cases by 2012, over 1.38 Million 9-Liter cases in 2009. We have analyzed imported wine Vs domestic wine, price structure, segments of wine, distribution channel, and regional segmentation under consumption segment of the report. We have also studied factors that are making Indian wine market attractive.

Since 2001, India has possibly been the fastest-growing wine market worldwide, and the one that is viewed with an enormous amount of interest by winemakers everywhere. Our team of experts has found that the Indian government provides support to the nascent Indian wine industry. The report has studied major wine producing areas, leading wineries, and key players in the market. It gives an overview of the various government policies, tax levied, and regulations regarding the sales and import of wines in India.

We have found that the protectionist policies adopted by the Indian federal and state governments have had severe impact on the rate at which foreign wines could be imported to the country. Our report provides a detailed analysis on import of wine focusing on types of wine, major import destinations, and key importers. We have found that, currently, export of wines from India remains at its nascent stage. The report provides an insight into the factors that are hindering wine export from India. The types of wine exported and major export destinations have also been examined in the report.

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