Hear Us Roar

Hear Us Roar! Women Step Into Their Own Powers and Share Their Roar!


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/05/2010 -- The Hear Us Roar! project began in 2008 when a small group of entrepreneurial women in the United States used the power of the Internet to offer an invitation to women around the world: “Tell us in 1200 words or less about a time in your life that you realized you were powerful.” Within four months the team received 84 stories from three continents, of which 28 were chosen for this introductory collection. Each contributing author identified a charity to benefit from proceeds raised by book sales.

These role models faced the obstacles placed on their path – from depression, date rape and divorce to bankruptcy, burnout and boot camp – and found hope, love, triumph and peace along the way.

Andrea Howe, the catalyst behind “Hear Us Roar!,” was inspired to create the project after “coming out” at the age of 38 as a rape survivor and realizing the healing power of telling her story—for herself and others. Howe is also the creator of a program called Living Out Loud that offers improv comedy workshops to survivors of sexual violence who are ready to live and laugh again.

“It’s one thing for female celebrities and Fortune 500 executives to use their star power and clout to change the world, but ‘Hear Us Roar!’ is not about them,” says Howe. “This project provides an opportunity for ‘ordinary’ women to share themselves so that other ‘ordinary’ women will catch a glimpse of their own reflection. By buying this book, together we celebrate the strength and power of women across the globe while simultaneously raising money for charity.”

The book contains four key themes:

• Perseverance: The power found in meeting life and its challenges one day, one step at a time;
• Authenticity: The unexpected results of daring to follow your heart;
• Faith: The clarity that comes from placing deep trust in yourself or something larger;
• Generosity: The infinite rewards available by making a difference for others.

“Hear Us Roar! 28 Stories of Everyday Women Leading Extraordinary Lives” may be purchased at www.Hear-Us-Roar.com or on Amazon.

About Hear Us Roar (http://www.Hear-Us-Roar.com)
The Hear Us Roar! project provides an opportunity for “ordinary” women, as individuals and as a collective, to share their triumphs and victories with the world. Through the project’s first publication, “Hear Us Roar! 28 Stories of Everyday Women Leading Extraordinary Lives,” 28 women tell their stories and inspire others to ROAR while raising money for charity. All profits from the sale of the book are contributed to the authors’ charities of choice.