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The Holidays Making You Sick & Tired ? - A Contest for This Season's Burned Out and Frustrated

What makes you sick and tired around the holidays? Well, now is your chance to vent frustrations. Dazzling Concepts is holding a "Sick and Tired Holiday Contest" on Facebook that could put a smile on some faces and some money in your pocket!


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2010 -- Tis the season. As a woman, you are most likely busy juggling daily activities with preparations for entertaining and celebrating. It's easy to become overwhelmed, frustrated and feeling a little blue, especially if you're dealing with blended families, gift-giving decisions, and fighting the bombardment of great foods and wines. Don't be afraid to say your sick and tired. Now is the time to share what makes you sick and tired and possibly earn some cash and Sick and Tired products.

Dazzling Concepts, makers of the Sick and Tired collection of unique and humorous gifts, apparel and accessories, wants to know what makes you sick and tired during the holidays. So they have launched the http://networkedblogs.com/aDp7ISick & Tired Holiday Contest.

"I enjoy shopping, so any holiday that involves shopping falls into my favorite list, but I admit that I get sick and tired of particular things during the holidays," says Faylene Bell, CEO and Chief Mood Strategist at Dazzling Concepts. "For instance, having to deal with too many holiday shoppers is a big one as well as blowing my diet with all the holiday goodies."

Faylene shares additional Sick and Tired holiday frustrations such as dealing with divorce or stepparents, knowing who should get a gift, how much to spend and wondering if the other person will give a gift in return. "After all," says Faylene, "if I take the time out of my busy schedule to buy you a gift...you better believe I will expect a gift in return."

The contest, meant to serve as the perfect forum for venting your frustrations, will award one sick and tired winner with a $100 cash prize as well as free Sick and Tired products. To participate, simply post a picture to the Dazzling Concepts Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/dazzlingconcept. Pictures must represent or demonstrate what makes you sick and tired during the holidays. With the contest slated to run until just before Christmas, now is the time to get that picture posted.

For information contact Faylene Bell at: 888-582-6662 or email: fbell@dazzlingconcepts.com.

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