US to Gain Competitive Edge in Global LNG Market

Factors like high demand in the Asia-Pacific region and large investments will boost the global Liquefied Natural Gas market in near future, says RNCOS.


Noida, UP -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/29/2010 -- According to our latest report entitled “Global LNG Market Analysis”, the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) market has witnessed a sharp rise during the last few years. Major developments have taken place in LNG trade, production, and consumption along with market activities. Factors like, huge investments, burgeoning demand and environmental concerns have contributed to the fast growth of the industry. The market is likely to perform well in future also as countries like, India and China witness high growth patterns in LNG consumption and new production plants start operations.

We have found that the US has been strengthening its domestic LNG market by investing huge amounts in various production plants and terminals. The country has been a major LNG consumer and importer with 452 Billion Cubic Feet of LNG imports in 2009. However, current developments indicate that the US is likely to reach the stage of self-sufficiency in coming future. Moreover, the country may achieve a competitive place in the global LNG export market.

The report is a complete analysis and overview of the global LNG market and key countries. The report covers all the regions of the world such as, Americas, Africa, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific. Moreover, statistics and current developments for all the regions have been provided. These developments are related to trade activities, production/consumption, terminals, and plants among others.

The report also covers the description of terminals and plants scheduled to come in future and their respective details.

The report “Global LNG Market Analysis” provides an in-depth and extensive analysis of the global LNG industry. It also investigates the current trends that are impacting the industry at large and that are expected to drive the market in future also. The future projection in key areas makes use of effective forecasting methods and techniques that support the estimation. Moreover, the description of key players, their recent developments, and SWOT analysis have been analyzed in an analytical manner. Overall, the report will help clients to analyze current trends and developments along with future outlook of the global LNG market.

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