Cloud Jolt

Cloud Jolt Selected As Participant in ‘Mass Innovation Nights’

Cloud Jolt, a new socially responsible web hosting company, has been selected among ten other companies to participate in one of Massachusetts' premier showcases of innovative startups, Mass Innovations Nights.


Babson Park, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2011 -- Cloud Jolt web hosting,, has a unique outlook on the hosting business. In addition to giving 25% of their revenues to charity, the company also utilizes its blog and social networks to help promote their clients. In effect, their efforts are attempting to revolutionize the way businesses view their hosting services. On February 9th, Cloud Jolt will be given the opportunity to share this vision with some of the most influential business professionals in the Massachusetts area. The IBM sponsored Mass Innovation Nights is a monthly showcase of some of Massachusetts’ most exciting and innovative startups. Through this event, entrepreneurs are able to connect with the media, marketplace, and other entrepreneurs to help enhance their business endeavors. In this vain, Cloud Jolt hopes Mass Innovation Nights will help raise awareness about their innovative approach to hosting, as well as sign new clients to help increase the donations given to charity in 2011.

The structure of Mass Innovation Nights allows ten companies to attend and showcase their innovative business models, however, only four of those ten companies are given the opportunity to give a five minute presentation. during the event. To determine the four companies that will present on February 9th, a month long voting competition is held on the Mass Innovation Nights website for users to vote for their favorite companies. To see all ten companies that will be present at the February event, and to vote for your favorite businesses, navigate to this link - Overall, Cloud Jolt is very excited about this opportunity and hopes it will draw significant attention to their efforts.

About Cloud Jolt
Cloud Jolt’s mission as a company is to bring a positive impact to the world while promoting individuals to give back to their local communities. With experience in web design, web development, marketing, and social media optimization, the Cloud Jolt team wanted to enter an industry and positively affect it for the better. Though web hosting is a very saturated market, it provided the best opportunity for them to use their skill and creativity to create a truly unique product that could stand out in the market place. The company’s most important goal is to continually increase the percentage of revenues that it gives to charity so that it can have a larger impact on the world as it grows.