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Sound Fighter Systems Offers Hands-on Installation Training for Its Contractors

Training for the installation of new sound walls begins for contractors working on a large interstate project.


Shreveport, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/02/2011 -- In a back corner of the production yard at Sound Fighter Systems' HQ facilities in Shreveport, you will find what appears to be a misplaced sound wall. The "L" shaped LSE Noise Barrier screens no one from noise, and appears to be completely useless. But a recent team of contractors visiting from Michigan would differ on that point. The wall is, in fact, a sample wall designed by Sound Fighter Systems to train contractors on installing the company's famed LSE Noise Barrier System The Michigan team has won the contract to install a large interstate sound wall project for Sound Fighter Systems, replacing a dilapidated and ineffective wooden sound wall, and they jumped at the opportunity for some pre-project training.

"While the LSE System is extremely easy to install," notes Murray Stacy, VP for Sound Fighter Systems, "fear of the unknown can result in higher installation bids on LSE projects. However, once the contractors actually put their hands on the system and see how easy it is to install, that fear of the unknown disappears. Their newfound comfort level translates into more competitive installation pricing and a better understanding of the installation process once the materials arrive on the jobsite. It is a win-win for both Sound Fighter Systems and the installing contractor."

The sample LSE Barrier includes all of the standard components that contractors will work with in the field, including a sample personnel door. The training session requires hands-on installation by the participants, and includes a thorough briefing and introduction beforehand, and follow-up Q&A afterwards to make absolutely certain the contractor fully understands the installation process before leaving the Sound Fighter facilities.

"The other objective for the training initiative at our HQ is the opportunity to meet the installing contractors face to face." Stacy adds. "Our success and reputation is dependent on the quality of the installation of our LSE System. Establishing a personal connection with the installers beforehand is just good business."

About Sound Fighter Systems, L.L.C.
Sound Fighter Systems, LLC has been researching, designing and manufacturing highly efficient absorptive noise barrier walls since 1973, making it the oldest established manufacturer of such products in America. Sound Fighter walls have been produced for unique noise mitigation applications around the world. Some of the many applications for Sound Fighter walls include Highways & Interstates, Bridges, Truck Turnarounds and Loading Docks, Shopping Centers, Industrial and Commercial Sites, Residential Developments, Race Tracks, Schools, Chillers, Transformers, Compressors, HVAC Equipment, Gas Processing and Transmission Stations, Utility Stations and Manufacturing Plants. The company is headquartered in Shreveport, LA. Sound Fighter Systems, L.L.C. 2011