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Dupray Industries Announces Commercial Strength Steam Mop Designed to Be Used in Homes

Dupray Industries, a provider of commercial and industrial strength steam cleaners and mops, has announced the Tosca Residential Steam Mop. This steam cleaning mop is the original commercial strength steam mop specifically redesigned for use in homes and small restaurants.


Montreal, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2011 -- A more efficient, technological version of the traditional water-and-bucket mop, the sophisticated Tosca 100 vapor steam cleaner produces a dry steam just like the rest of the Dupray steam cleaner line. Producing a 5% humidity steam and reaching temperatures of 145 degrees Celsius (295 degrees Fahrenheit), it provides disinfecting and cleaning abilities on a smaller scale from the rest of the Dupray cleaning line.

The combination of steam and pressure allows homeowners to clean grout, remove stains from carpet or furniture, disinfect children’s toys, degrease dirty kitchens and bathrooms, clean the interiors and exteriors of dirty automobiles, and much more.

Vapor cleaner machines only need tap water to produce the powerful steam that provides the cleaning power. This means that you do not have to clean with toxic chemicals or strong detergents. Water will leave no chemical film behind, and will not pollute your home or the environment at large with chemicals. This is a healthy, green alternative to traditional harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners. The gentle, yet effective cleaning powers of the Dupray steam cleaners mean that disinfecting is accomplished without leaving behind traces of chemicals in your home. On top of it all, since only water is needed, you will save money on cleaning supplies.

Because the vapor is only 5% water content, this eliminates almost all risk of mold growing on surfaces such as upholstered surfaces that would be otherwise very difficult to clean, as getting them wet in traditional cleaning methods increases the risk of growth of mold.

The Tosca 100 steam mop kit comes with the following items: the Tosca residential steam cleaner, a 40cm Steam Mop July, and Microfiber Velcro Cloths. Accessories such as brushes cost a fraction of competitors’.

The Tecnovap technology is designed with twist-out elements, allowing for the simple replacement of the element in the unlikely event it needs replacing. Unlike typical steam cleaners, which require the whole boiler to be replaced, all of Dupray’s steam cleaners are fully constructed with stainless steel, resulting in a stronger and easier-to-clean machine. Stainless steel is more durable and lasts longer than any other boiler material. Dupray is confident in the strength and technology it uses in the construction of its boilers. Because of this, the Dupray boiler is offered with a lifetime warranty. The rest of the system is offered with a 3-year warranty on parts. This incredible warranty means that you can purchase a Dupray machine worry-free.

The Tosca is a pressurized unit. Dupray also offers a small non-pressurized steam cleaner, the Hill Inox.

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