'iCube-office' to Provide Free 'press Release' Posting Service to More Than 70 PR Sites

Press Releases Provide Great Benefits to Small and Big Businesses alike. They are effective, economical and essential means in Public Relations, Advertisements and Notifications.


Chennai, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2011 -- Press Releases are a great way to popularize a product or service, build a brand at negligible costs, gain credibility by telling about the company and benefit from free publicity. Use Press Releases as all the other successful internet marketers who have used press releases to their profit. iCube-Office' the Cloud-Based virtual office management system now comes with a FREE service to Post subscribers Press Releases to more than 70 PR sites. (

Beracah John Martyn, Marketing Director for 'iCube-Office' said, “We serve businesses with our icube-Office and enable them to function continuously and effectively by giving them a truly 'anywhere, anytime office'. It is only natural that we have decided to add this service, as a complimentary feature for our subscribers, so that they can build their businesses, without having to shell out more of their scarce resources for this important business function.”

Press Releases made frequently would help a business to not only make their business, product or service familiar or popular, it would also result in increased traffic to the website. There are always reasons to release a PR; reasons such as - Starting a business, Special Discounts/Sales, Offering Free Items, Any Contracts or Awards the business has won, Getting more products to sell, Fund-raising and Contests organized etc, the list can go on and all are perfect reasons for a Press Release.

Internet is an effective tool to share information globally and the more information is shared, the more it is stored, it will be made available to much more internet surfers by the search engines. There are no recurring costs, such as for storage, re-prints, stationery etc. More and more people are relying on the internet to search and buy what they want. According to Research online sales in 2009 was US$155 billion and in 2010 172 billion and expected to touch 248 billion in 2014. Such a powerful media cannot be ignored, especially since it is inexpensive and highly effective.

'iCube-Office' office subscribers would benefit even more by availing of the free service. When a Press Release is ready to be issued to the PR sites, it is to be emailed to the customer support executive. The PR will be released to the 70 odd sites immediately and will be published in the web sites of the respective PR sites. Search engines will register the tags and use it to present the news to web surfers.

'iCube-Office' is an innovative concept in cloud computing. It is a truly 'anywhere, anytime office' providing continuous access to office data and also contact handling by customers. The Unique Customer Relations Number, enables a customer to straightaway virtually land on the desktop of the company executive handling the accounts for audio/video chat, and with all the documents retrieved and displayed at both ends at the same time. The important thing is that both the customer and the executive need not be at their office at that time. Emails with self managed encryption tool, documents management with encryption tools, are some of the unique features offered as a service at a nominal price.

Please contact Mr. Beracah John Martyn, Director, Marketing at for more information.

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